As a safety manager, you’re probably under a lot of pressure. You need to balance employee safety with productivity numbers–all while working with limited resources and equipment. But you soldier on regardless, because you’ve got people relying on you to get the job done.

As successful as you are in your role, however, there are times when a little extra help would go a long way. Maybe you need more support to solve an on-going safety concern, or find the right PPE for an identified hazard. Perhaps you need a second set of eyes to reveal hazards that have become a “routine” in your facility.

TRACK assessments from Mechanix Wear can provide this support.

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What is a TRACK assessment?

TRACK (Trial Research and Collaboration Kit) is a free assessment service provided by Mechanix Wear and LineDrive®— a leading national industrial sales agency.

In the TRACK program, experienced safety professionals will do an on-site walkaround to help you detect and solve potential safety concerns. The TRACK team functions as a second set of eyes. They observe, inspect, and review your safety practices and injury trends and help you achieve real solutions.

The TRACK program offers a full evaluation of tasks and work areas, with particular emphasis on injuries, as well as high-cost risks that can be prevented with proper hand, eye, and FR apparel PPE. We’ll conduct product trials with free samples for your employees—real solutions to meet your specific needs.

TRACK assessment benefits

TRACK is not a sales pitch. It’s a valuable, legitimate safety assessment that offers a lot more to companies like yours than just suggesting PPE improvements:

  • Identifies OSHA-compliance challenges
  • Generates a document that serves as or complements your facility’s risk assessment
  • Reveals hidden or routine hazards that add risk or cause injuries
  • Provides generous product samples for wear trials without cost
  • Assesses if current PPE is appropriate to the hazards encountered
  • Builds custom, site-specific safety implementation plans, including training and ongoing support

All that for free, without needing to buy a single glove.

If you do decide to buy Mechanix Wear’s high quality PPE, then your company:

  • Reduces the number and severity of injuries
  • Prevents OSHA fines
  • Improves productivity, efficiency, and employee morale
  • Simplifies and reduces PPE inventory
  • Reduces spending by consolidating SKUs

What do I get with a TRACK assessment?

When you request a TRACK assessment, you get:

  • A detailed review of each work area with product and best practices recommendations and data
  • Performance metrics and goals that enhance safety and productivity
  • Full ROI calculations with hard numbers and comparisons with current safety solutions
  • An injury-cost calculator and projected savings from implementing recommendations
  • Chart of current PPE expenditures and anticipated savings
  • Productivity increase report

How does the TRACK assessment work?

Our solutions-based team of experts work to identify hazards, avoid injuries, and cost-saving opportunities. When you schedule an appointment with our team, we come onsite and conduct a detailed assessment to gain a deep understanding of your program, your practices, and your needs. We review injury trends and observe employee tasks, and come up with job-specific recommendations.

In addition, we can offer “toolbox talks,” with visual aids and info boards customized for your facility, that reinforce the glove, eye, and apparel selection best for each of your work areas and tasks.

If your facility is seeking ISO 45001 or OSHA VPP, this assessment will meet and exceed the requirements for conducting and documenting risk assessments, visual aids, and hazard postings.

Once the onsite assessment is complete and recommendations are discussed, we work with you to develop a unique, customized, and completely free action plan that tests those solutions with your front-line people in their work environment.

Each TRACK trial ends with a solutions-based report that shows improvements made, comparisons of current costs of current products, and the expected ROI and productivity improvements.

We’re not “consultants.” We don’t come onsite, stir the pot, and leave you to pick up the pieces. The TRACK team continues to assist you in your ongoing success. Our R&D team works closely with you to design and implement site-specific engineering and long-term solutions that will increase your competitive edge.

It’s about value, not price

Anyone can swap your PPE with lower-priced (and lower quality) products. Incorrect PPE can cost you in many ways, and not just financial. Here’s a real-world example of how selecting the right PPE the first time is worth more than money:

An employer with 600 employees provided workers with low-end safety eyewear. It met the compliance requirements but was made of hard plastic, which was uncomfortable, fit poorly (even painfully), and wasn’t valued by employees. This eyewear was required in production areas, and was often replaced with a new pair multiple times in a single shift.

After conducting a TRACK assessment, the employer introduced new safety eyewear that initially cost five times the price of the current pair. However, the new glasses were comfortable, flexible to fit different facial shapes, high-impact polycarbonate lenses, silicone-tipped bows, and had a high-quality anti-fog coating.

safety eyewear

Employees loved the new eyewear and commented on the superior quality. They were now wearing the same pair of issued eyewear for weeks at a time. The initial investment was significantly higher, but at the end of the trial period, employees were pleased with the selection, comfort, and fit of the new glasses.

The company documented a cost savings of more than $30,000 in the first six months.

Get started on your free TRACK assessment today!