We’ve dedicated an entire section of the website to the Oil and Gas Industry, with quick facts and relevant personal protective equipment options to make workers’ lives safer and more productive.

 The Oil and Gas industry is vital to the global economy by producing fuel for our modern transportation and energy systems and by providing quality employment opportunities for millions of individuals. Hard work and long hours in harsh environments can lead to many hazards that cause injuries. Though many injuries are preventable, workers must maintain diligence in their duties and attentiveness to their tasks to stay safe.

Special Features of Oil & Gas PPE

In such harsh conditions, personal protective equipment (PPE) must be selected and properly worn to offset the hazard exposures. The PPE must be comfortable, yet protective. It must fit properly yet allow dexterity and handling of tools and parts. It must be weather-resistant, yet durable and visible to others.

Common Hazards in Oil & Gas

Hazards associated with the industry include falling heavy objects, tool failure, moving machine parts, and constant changing of the weather and environment, to name just a few.

 The most common non-fatal injuries are lacerations from encountering sharp metals, broken bones and crushing injuries, particularly of the hand and fingers, chemical exposures to skin and eyes, and ergonomic concerns with joint damage from repetitive and impact motion. Fatal injuries occur from head trauma (being struck by moving or unstable objects) and burns from fire exposure.

 A hand injury can cost over $21,000, not to mention the pain, potential loss of use, and recovery time needed for your fingers or hand to heal. A hand or finger injury does not need to happen, yet 81% of all reported injuries were a result of people not wearing any PPE! Next, consider gloves that aren’t protecting you from the wet or cold (ever have your fingers go numb?) or cause profuse sweating in the heat for lack of breathability. The wrong-size glove will constrict your fingers or keep you from picking up a bolt or washer.

PPE Selection Process for Oil & Gas

Selecting and wearing the proper PPE is a critical step in reducing injuries in the field. Conducting an effective risk assessment ensures the hazards are identified so the correct PPE is chosen. Considering all the exposure parameters – weather, wet/muddy conditions, chemical use, rotating equipment, and handling materials – effective hand and eye protection are necessary!

Mechanix Wear offers gloves and eyewear designed to protect the wearer from bright sun to freezing temperatures; breathable materials for hot weather, and innovative insulated materials for wet and cold; cut- and impact-resistant for handling parts and tools and hi-viz materials for seeing fingers and hands when working with your team.

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