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Arc Flash Jacket and Bib Kit

Arc Flash Jacket and Bib Kit, , large image number 0
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Chicago Protective Apparel

Arc Flash Jacket and Bib Kit

Part #: AG43
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  1. Arc Flash Jacket and Bib kit is head-to-toe 43 cal arc flash protection. It includes the following items:
  2. 43 cal clothing: navy UltraSoft® arc flash jacket and bib overalls.
  3. Head and face protection: includes our full 43 cal hood with drape, highly transparent AD face shield, and hard cap. Also comes with safety glasses and ear plugs.
  4. Hand protection: 14" Class 2 rubber insulating gloves and high voltage leather protector gloves
  5. Bags to carry gear in: 12" white canvas glove bag with top flap that snaps closed and "Always Wear Your Gloves" imprinted in black letters. Also comes with a black Cordura nylon gear bag (not FR) measuring 32”W x 14”H x 14”D with "Arc Protection Gear" imprinted on front with white lettering.
CPA’s arc flash kits come complete with the garments, head and face protection, gloves and accessories an electrical worker needs to stay protected from arc flash hazards on the job. The 43 Cal Jacket and Bib Kit comes with navy 43 cal jacket and bib overalls made from arc and flame-resistant UltraSoft®, a fabric blend made from 88% cotton and 12% nylon. The jackets are 35” in length and feature a barracuda collar with Velcro® closure, front Velcro® closure, and knit wristlets. feature leg slits and a side closure at waist, both with Velcro® closures. The straps on the overalls have a criss-cross back with plastic crosser, and plastic Nexus® clip closure at upper chest. Garments are AR / FR, and loose fitting to allow for air pockets that provide extra protection. The kit also includes a hard cap, face shield with chin cup, cap bracket, knit Nomex® hood, 14" Class "2" rubber insulating gloves, leather protector gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, glove bag, and gear bag.